• What printing method does Race Threads MXT use for their merch?
    Our standard process is the Direct to Garment (DTG) method of printing. DTG printing is a digital printing method that involves applying ink directly onto the fabric of a garment. It is commonly used for creating custom t-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel items.

  • What are the advantages of DTG printing?
    DTG printing allows for full-color, detailed designs with no setup costs. It is ideal for small batches or single-item printing. It also provides a soft feel to the printed design, making it comfortable to wear.

  • Can I print complex and detailed designs with DTG?
    Yes, DTG printing is excellent for intricate and detailed designs, including photographs and gradients. It can reproduce intricate details accurately.

  • How durable are DTG prints?
    DTG prints are durable and can withstand regular washing. However, it's essential to follow care instructions to ensure longevity.

  • Is there a difference between DTG printing and screen printing?
    Yes, there are differences. DTG is a digital printing method suitable for small batches and detailed designs, while screen printing is a traditional method more cost-effective for large quantities and simple designs. DTG provides a softer feel, while screen printing may have a thicker ink layer.

  • DTG Care Instructions.
    We use the latest direct-to-garment (DTG) printing technology to offer a wide variety of printable garments and design color options. We use high-quality inks that won't fade for a long time if taken care of properly.

    Keep in mind that the original manufacturer's care instructions don't take into consideration the DTG printing process. So, we suggest following the care instructions on this page to learn how to take care of your printed garments properly.

    Printed apparel can be machine-washed cold, inside-out on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent and like colors. Use non-chlorine bleach only when necessary. You shouldn't use any fabric softeners or dry-clean the items.

    DTG-printed apparel can be tumble-dried on a low cycle but hang-dry works best. When it comes to ironing, use cool iron inside-out. Don't iron the print.

    Follow these instructions carefully to avoid fading and cracking of the print, and shrinking the garment that can occur if you wash or dry it on a high setting.

    If you have additional questions, email support@mxthreadsco.com and we'll be happy to answer them!